singlelouisfinally asked "hi! i saw your 1d 4th anniversary post and i was wondering what the colored lines represented. like harrys has blue and green while louis is blue and brown. im just curious! its really cool though :)"

Hey! And thank you so much (: So, the colored lines by itself, are just allegories, but the colours of it do have a meaning.

I chose blue as a colour to be in all the photos trying to represent the band and their relation, because blue symbolize the dream, loyalty and faith.
For Harry, I putted yellow because it’s a luminous color and that call the attention itself, or with other colours, so i related it with the fact that - mainly when the band started to make sucess - Harry always called some special attention, some people used to mention that that he was the lider and other stuff (ok, I have to say that, because i saw a photo of a banana, and bananas always remenber me of Harry, so It counted on my decision too lol).

For Liam, orange, because is the colour of balance, security, belief, affection and optimism, and I think that it can describe him very well, like the impression that i have of him is of comfort, and like the boys use to call him, the Daddy, the one that takes care of everyone.

For Louis, I choose brown because is the color of maturity, awareness, simplicity and it’s a color that awakens, and since the beginning to now, I saw that, all the guys, but focusing on Louis, grown and evolved in every way, so maturity is something that remember me of him.

Green for Zayn because this color represent pride, is associated with manly, stability and tranquility, and these are some of the things that Zayn pass to me through the way he look at everything.

And finally that red for Niall, because, that color stimulate the energy, uplift and bring life and stirring. The deeper and stronger red symbolizes love, desire, and other stuff too, that’s why I putted a color closest to carmin. Niall for me is one of the most excited and cheery of the boys, with that beautiful laugh that makes our days happier (:

And, in the last one, I putted that stronger and deeper red because, 1. this color is present in their logo and 2. it’s to represent our love, because it means confidence, intensity and love.


4th Year of One Direction.


Sophia, Lou Teasdale and Eleanor Calder today (20.07.14)




Wish upon a star.